Tuesday, July 31, 2007

well, it certainly has been a long time since i posted. . . but so many things have happened i find it very hard to keep up. anyway, i shall start again to update my posts.

the very best news, polymer wise, is that i made it as a featured artist in the august, 2007 Crafts Report, Insight section -- scroll down to page 4, and there i am. . . it was so exciting to find it as i had no idea i was there.
a friend and i were going through the online magazine to renew a subscription and when we saw the box for featured polymer clay artists, we decided to have a look. . .

imagine my surprise!!!!!
above is the photo that i sent to them...

here is another photo of a chess set i made featuring inukshuk, the truly Canadian symbol found only in the Arctic of this great country.

i am about to set up a paypal account and sell thru etsy. . . but i also do custom work and would be happy to hear from you.

my website www.beekslanestudio.com