Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It All Goes By Way Toooooooooooooooo Fast!!!

i have been home a couple of days now from our annual MPCG (morrisburg polymer clay gathering), and it is hard to believe that what we wait a whole year for goes by so d... fast!

wouldn't you know also, i didn't take one photo the whole weekend... and i did take my camera!
i guess there was just too much else to do...

i loved barbara's porcelain technique, finally after two years we learned this amazing technique. and it was used on adria's masks, and leslie's everfolding photo frame. i intend to use it to cover some of my kadeidoscopes. jacey taught us how to make lovely hearts and barb then did a wonderful wire wrapping to turn them into beautiful pendants... wow we also had some super demos by sandy, cynthia and barbara c.

my workshop went very well; it is always difficult for me to present a new workshop, but this one was about thinking "out of the box" and trying some new ways to work with pc, and everyone enjoyed it. barb b., jacey, trita and-- sorry, i can't remember the last--won the prizes for what i judged to be the best "out of the box" projects.

so, in a few days i will try to collect a few photos to post here of this fantastic weekend organized and run beautifully by margi and vio... thanks you two for a superb time...