Sunday, February 12, 2012

Perhaps turning over a new leaf... or should i say scope???

here are some photos of my latest scope work... the turquoise base with rose, red and sparkly bits is a hope scope that i made for a friend of mine who is learning to live with brain cancer.
i have put into it all the love and hope for a recovery and a long life.

i regret that i don't have any photos of the images for this scope.

the seascape scope was made on commission, the only
requirement being to include the shells that were
collected by the recipient of the scope, a birthday gift.

the images are only two of millions possible!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I hardly know where to begin. A very dear friend has chastised me for my very sporadic
posts here. And. of course, to all my other blog responsibilities. So I have resolved to
be more regular in my postings.

Last weekend was our annual gathering in Morrisburg, Ontario, for polymer clay enthusiasts
from the Toronto - Montreal corridor. For sure we occassionally have a clayer from elsewhere,
and this year we were delighted to have Gera Chandler from Victoria, BC. I am sure in all my
years of attendance, Gera wins the prize for the greatest distance travelled to attend. She also
presented two demos, one on uv resin and the other on her take on Klimt designs.

We also had additional demos by Janice, Louise, Gaby, Sandy, Barbara, Cathy, Margi and myself. It was a
great weekend, held again at our favourite Morrisburg digs, The MacIntosh Country Inn. They
provide a phenomenal venue for us, and we are happy to return year after year to share our
love of working and creating with polymer clay.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Where have the days gone?????
All of a sudden it is fall and I seem to have missed summer, although the dreadfully hot days will take some time to forget.

Working hard at Artemisia, I have started our Bottles of Hope Campaign to have our community in Westport, Ontario, make 1,000 Bottles of Hope before May 1, 2011.

Please have a look at our blog to check our progress and see some photos of the bottles that have so far been completed. Here are some also.


Monday, July 26, 2010

here is a quick upload of a few photos of the tree that landed on my house, actually it was a branch, but as big as a large tree, about 18 inches diameter...

Sunday, December 06, 2009


just a quick update, my house is no longer for sale. i learned that i could keep it and still find a way to buy another. so for now, i am not going to sell beeks lane.

thanks all who were interested.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Very Special news!

my very special home is now up for sale.... i have done some serious thinking and am going to move to westport, where our gallery and businesses are located.

for more information go to my other blog...
century 21


Thursday, January 29, 2009

hello all!

well, thanks to gera and my fellow clayamies, i am updating my blog! wow!

however, i just will get around to doing something about the lemonade stand as soon as i can, which isn't right now.

all i am going to do now is post a photo of my latest work, a small sculpture 11 inches tall.

i was invited to participate in a show called 'the black madonna', at the sandra whitton gallery in kingston, ontario, and so -- having recently been to our national gallery in ottawa to see a wonderful exhibit called the viewer as participant, or something very close to that, an interactive exhibit that i loved-- i created this "fallen angel ?" her halo comes off and if a viewer believes she is fallen, then they can put the halo on the base, however if another viewer thinks she is not, they can place the halo back on her what do you think?

please let me know!!!