Saturday, April 16, 2011

I hardly know where to begin. A very dear friend has chastised me for my very sporadic
posts here. And. of course, to all my other blog responsibilities. So I have resolved to
be more regular in my postings.

Last weekend was our annual gathering in Morrisburg, Ontario, for polymer clay enthusiasts
from the Toronto - Montreal corridor. For sure we occassionally have a clayer from elsewhere,
and this year we were delighted to have Gera Chandler from Victoria, BC. I am sure in all my
years of attendance, Gera wins the prize for the greatest distance travelled to attend. She also
presented two demos, one on uv resin and the other on her take on Klimt designs.

We also had additional demos by Janice, Louise, Gaby, Sandy, Barbara, Cathy, Margi and myself. It was a
great weekend, held again at our favourite Morrisburg digs, The MacIntosh Country Inn. They
provide a phenomenal venue for us, and we are happy to return year after year to share our
love of working and creating with polymer clay.

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