Thursday, January 29, 2009

hello all!

well, thanks to gera and my fellow clayamies, i am updating my blog! wow!

however, i just will get around to doing something about the lemonade stand as soon as i can, which isn't right now.

all i am going to do now is post a photo of my latest work, a small sculpture 11 inches tall.

i was invited to participate in a show called 'the black madonna', at the sandra whitton gallery in kingston, ontario, and so -- having recently been to our national gallery in ottawa to see a wonderful exhibit called the viewer as participant, or something very close to that, an interactive exhibit that i loved-- i created this "fallen angel ?" her halo comes off and if a viewer believes she is fallen, then they can put the halo on the base, however if another viewer thinks she is not, they can place the halo back on her what do you think?

please let me know!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Year is Upon Us --

Greetings all who happen upon this blog, i have decided to keep this blog at least 99% polymer clay and creative work oriented. As i also have my wicca'd words, i will be doing my personal blogging there.

i am busy preparing for Artemisia's coming year, and find that my picture framing business is really taking off. at the moment i am busy construction an interactive shadowbox frame for a very young friend. i hope she will be able to keep all her favorite things there and change things around to suit herself. she also is a creative soul and has done some fun and wonderful things with model magic and i am going to, i hope, introduce her to the wonderful world of polymer.....

so begins another year... my learning here includes labels and using a site counter on this blog and on my website.

there will be more to post in a few days, given i can get myself organized!!!


ps i now have high speed and no longer use dialup for my internet... so you can now reach me at igeorgiad(at) or georgia(at)