Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Year is Upon Us --

Greetings all who happen upon this blog, i have decided to keep this blog at least 99% polymer clay and creative work oriented. As i also have my wicca'd words, i will be doing my personal blogging there.

i am busy preparing for Artemisia's coming year, and find that my picture framing business is really taking off. at the moment i am busy construction an interactive shadowbox frame for a very young friend. i hope she will be able to keep all her favorite things there and change things around to suit herself. she also is a creative soul and has done some fun and wonderful things with model magic and i am going to, i hope, introduce her to the wonderful world of polymer.....

so begins another year... my learning here includes labels and using a site counter on this blog and on my website. www.beekslanestudio.com

there will be more to post in a few days, given i can get myself organized!!!


ps i now have high speed and no longer use dialup for my internet... so you can now reach me at igeorgiad(at)gmail.com. or georgia(at)beekslanestudio.com

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Gera Scott Chandler said...

greetings iggy- your Blog has won a major award- check my blog!

xox gera