Thursday, August 17, 2006

i can't believe how hard it is to get started on these blogs..... i wonder if i am the only one who finds it so?

i just thought i would start this one today as it is my birthday and i am 66 years on this earth at this moment, well, not quite, as i was born at 10:30pm. thanks, mom!

tomorrow i shall post some photos of my polymer clay critters; i have just spent the last hour reading thru polymer clay daily, a great site for anyone who sees this and hasn't been there.

by then i will have gotten the willies out of my system and will be able to start doing some posts about my own clay work and about that of those who inspire me.

til then. . .

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Gwendolyne said...

Iggy, I too am a friend of Carolyn. Her blog inspired me to start one. To get a handle I am taking my time to making it my own. As a maker, I have to be careful not to spend to much time on the computer. I loved your creation. Hope you visit our website sometime.