Thursday, August 02, 2007

well, today i had my first disaster with polymer clay after nearly six years of working with this fantastic medium.

if anyone has had any experience with bake and bend or knows if the problem was that one cannot rebake it, please leave a comment. . .

i am broken hearted. . . my artisans guild is having a challenge "The Great Toilet Roll Cover Challenge" so i decided to crochet one from bake and bend, which i mixed with premo. baked it in long yarn like strings and crochetted a wonderful cover. then i decided to add some decoration. . . two blue herons and some bull rushes with a batch of lily pads on top with a lotus like flower and a tiny little toad. . . well, there is not much left except a lot of little bits of clay. . .the temperature was correct, i have baked before on this tin with no trouble. . . waaaaaa

but i think i will enter it in the challenge just like this anyway.

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