Monday, December 10, 2007

Hooray, i won!!!

what a wonderful show! and what a super day. our land o lakes artisans' guild Christmas show was a huge success. we had many people come and peruse our work and many had very good sales.
all in all it was a magnificent end to a great year for our guild. we are on our way to many more years of exciting work and great creativity from our members.

here is a photo of me in my booth. you can see my winning ornaments in yesterday's post. i wish the photo could do it justice.... the little camel and there is a sheep behind mary.... patting myself on the back maybe, but it did turn out very well and very adorable... and amazing to me because i don't usually have any luck working so small ---

thanks lynn and committee for a fine job! and thanks carolyn for coming and for this great photo.

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