Sunday, May 11, 2008


for the last week and for one more week, i have been doggie sitting my little friend orlando. he is an adorable little guy who belongs to my friend nina, and will soon belong to her sister steph and move to brighton, england. wow, how about that for a little puppy dog!!!

needless to say, he is a bundle of energy and always on the go so it has been a bit difficult to get any clay work done! however, i have had time to clean the mess that always seems to accumulate around me! i have thrown out so much that i have three or four huge garbage bags ready to go to the dump. and there are boxes ready for a garage sale and then a small amount that i have kept. and believe it or not, i have only done the bedroom and the kitchen!!! and already have taken two large bags of clothes to the church.

i sure hope i can get the shop cleaned out too; i have done half of it but the other half is much worse! oh well.......

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