Tuesday, October 16, 2007

another lovely day. . .

but the first frost of the season came last night.... when i looked out at the thermometer this morning it said O, celcius that is! nonetheless, it is getting cold now... but the ducks have returned to my pond on their fall migration and it is lovely to see them again...wood ducks, common mergansers, mallards, piedbilled grebes, canada geese, ringnecked ducks are among those that i see.

given that winter is on its way, i finally finished my friend carolyn's birthday present! i won't mention that her birthday went by several months ago, just that sometimes i am pretty slow to get things done..... but here is a pic of her in her hat crocheted with raw silk yarn.... i am very happy to say she really likes it...and it looks great on her.

a contrasting polymer pin for upbrimming will soon be finished.....then we will see some very stylish hat styles..... and carolyn is the perfect model!

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