Friday, October 05, 2007

More on the leaf molds....

here you can see the one mold still in the cardboard surround used to contain the plaster, and three molds after it has been removed.
and the tiles on which the molds were made have also been removed. the latex molds easily come out of the plaster,

and here you can see two of the latex molds with their jackets beside them and two --middle back row-- still in their jackets.

here i have pushed clay into the mold... these molds can also be
used to make casts with paper, plaster, cement and perhaps
other media...

the plaster jacket allows me to press hard to get the clay into all
the little nooks and crannies in the mold, as the latex mold is so
flexible that without it, it would be difficult to do this.

here is the leaf right out of the mold.

and here is the leaf tidied up. now you can use pearl ex or other
surface treatments to give some shine or whatever to the leaf.

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Vanessa said...

Hi Iggy

I have been keenly watching your leaf molds develop. Now I am wondering what you are planning to do with the wonderful leaves you can make. Keep on posting!