Monday, February 18, 2008

another fabulous day. . .

i have been so lucky with the weather for my stay here on the southwest coast of vancouver island.
three days of beautiful sun and warm days. but i am amazed to see that it is always wet on some parts of the roads, and the moss that grows everywhere... i have passed some trees so covered with it that it goes all the way up to the crown...

and i have been to the potholes, and even saw three eagles soaring
in the sky. . . i wish i could have gotten a photo of that.....

and seen some awesome rock formations,

here is my b and b, the lower building and the lower right hand windows are where i stayed. a magnificent view of the strait of juan de fuca.

and here is an amazing driftwood sculpture i came upon walking on the beach. from one side,

and from the other side

so ends another day, tomorrow i am heading for pender island and some great times there.

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KnitKnut said...

Hey Iggy,
I'm so pea green of the weather you're having but thanks for posting all these wonderful pics.
Had a chat with Nina last night and she's going to check out this blog.

love, KnitKnut