Monday, February 04, 2008

i am in awe. . .

several weeks ago my friend carolyn and her mum and dad invited me to their home for a preview run thru performance that valery lloyd-watts would later be playing with the kingston symphony. wow, was all i could say then. but today i must post about the wonderful performance we heard at saturday morning's rehearsal for the symphony's performance that evening. valery played rachmaninoff's variations on a theme of paganini. i have to say that piece has been at the very top of my list of favs for many many years, but i had never heard it live until saturday morning... what a treat!!!

carolyn made a video of valery playing and doing some tweaking with the orchestra, but i am afraid with dialup i am not able to post it here. however, you can go to and get just a small glimpse of a talent that has been nurtured to perfection. however, i do have a photo..... or two...

it was such fun to see the orchestra working together with valery to ensure a great performance. i was also lucky enough to speak with a couple of the symphony members and they told me it was a great and fun piece to play....i am totally inspired to work at my own art with renewed fervor. . . thank you valery!

i am blessed, no doubt about it at all!

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