Thursday, February 07, 2008

it won't be long now...

i can scarcely believe it is almost time to go out west... i was last in victoria in 1975. wow, that was a long time ago! slowly but surely i am getting packed and getting all the stuff done i need to do for sojourn 08, the vancouver island polymer clay artists guild first annual retreat to be held this year in nanaimo.

i have never been to nanaimo, or tofino, or sooke, or pender island, and i have never seen the pacific ocean, but i am headed for all those-- plus victoria! on tuesday, i head out via pamela in ottawa who has so generously offered a bed for the night and to take me to the airport on wednesday morning... thanks pamela!!!

so, despite all this snow, so far wednesday is forecast to be sun and cloud with perhaps a few flurries in ottawa... that is good, i haven't yet checked calgary, where i must change planes, but i am fairly certain vancouver will be fine...

i have finished cutting and chamfering the mirrors for the scope kits i am taking for the workshop, and now i must sit down and finalize the lesson plan and instruction sheets. i just couldn't resist putting in one more plug for sojourn 08! and likely my next post won't be until march 2, when i am home again and will tell all about my journey. well, i am taking this laptop, but i don't know where i will find internet access... however, i will try.

i am also going to meet up with several artisan guilds to collect information for our land o lakes artisan guild. woo woo. . . i am also very looking forward to a great holiday!

thanks, g. and see you soon.

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Vanessa said...

You have been busy Iggy. Not long now and we get to clay our hearts out all wknd long!