Sunday, February 17, 2008

i am exhausted!!!!!

today i went hiking! i drove up the west coast of vancouver island to jordan river, a bit beyond it actually, to the china beach and the beginning of the juan de fuca trail. it is quite an experience to hike thru rain forrest for the first time. . .

it is very peaceful, although they say to look out for the black bear, i didn't see any, thank goodness, altho i talked to myself out loud often!
the trail was soggy, i guess it never really gets dried out under all that tall tree cover. some of those trees were ginormous... and there are great numbers of ferns, and small little waterfalls that gurgle down the cliffs to the water below. but the moss, wow, everything is covered with moss.

some of the trees seem to have green trunks so covered with moss are they...and some are very spooky! some parts of the trail are narrow and it seems a bit like the jungle to me, never having been there.

anyway, i didn't seem to be able to take very good photos, but i shall add some here.

a ray of sun poked through the trees to cast a shadow of this fern.

this is one of those amazing trees, as on most of the trees there are few branches at the lower trunk, and the ones that remain are twisted and broken and add a very mysterious feel to the trails.

these cutouts in this very old tree were for the loggers to get a foothold as they clambered up to cut off the tops of the trees. some hikers, i guess, have a witty sense of humor, as many have stones which give the look of a rather spooky face...

and once again, a wondrous sunset to close the day. . .

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